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Chiropractic Relief Care in East Orlando

Summit Chiropractic in East Orlando Florida welcomes you to our friendly care center for immediate relief of your pain. Chiropractors Dr. Jamee Fike and Dr. Daniel Warner provide three stages of care for your injuries, pain or chronic conditions. 

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Chiropractic Care Phase 1 - Relief 

Phase 1 of our care plan is relief care. During this phase, a chiropractor will evaluate your condition and identify the cause of your discomfort. This may include the use of x-rays to monitor your spinal alignment, postural screenings to determine any abnormalities or range of motion measurement so we can understand if you are experiencing a lack of flexibility. Once we have a starting point, we speak with you regarding the best techniques to care for your body. For example, during relief care, one of our main goals is to reduce inflammation. We may use hot and cold therapy in an effort to reducing swelling and increase blood flow to your painful areas. As blood flow increases, your body is able to remove toxins from the area and you begin to feel relief.

During phase one, we may also suggest a visit to our massage therapist. A personalized massage gets deep into the muscle layers to help reduce scar tissue and alleviate your discomfort. Our chiropractic adjustments are also essential during this phase to align your spine and joints so your muscles remember where they are most healthy. Well-positioned muscles will not pull on your vertebrae or other bones and slip them out of alignment. Our goal is to re-train these muscles to support a healthy posture and body structure.

Reasons to See Our East Orlando Chiropractor for Pain Relief

If you are suffering from an accident, injury or a chronic condition that does not seem to go away, our chiropractic care services offer a holistic, non-medicated approach to healing. Chiropractic care is a wonderful alternative to surgery and its benefits are long-lasting without side effects. As you seek to find pain relief, you will look forward to your daily or weekly visits to Summit Chiropractic. You immediately feel an increase in energy and a reduction in your discomfort. Your mood improves and your productivity increases since you are no longer in pain. Plus, we uncover the root of your discomfort and work with you to alleviate the source- not just mask your symptoms the way medication does.

Phase 1 of our care program should begin as soon as possible if you are dealing with an injury. The sooner we use our formulated, hands-on approach, the sooner you will be in less pain. In addition, when you seek care relief quickly, you reduce your risk of complications from your injury. During this phase, we may also suggest lifestyle changes to support your healing. These include corrective exercises to strengthen your muscles; nutritional changes to enhance healing; and postural changes to support a healthy spine and joint system.

Our chiropractors work with you to determine the best relief care during Phase 1 of your treatment. Please contact us at (407) 203-6745 to get started today.

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