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Lower Back Pain FAQ In Orlando

lower back pain

Lower back pain in Orlando impacts the lives of many individuals. When you notice the pain or when it persists for several days, it may raise questions about the situation and your treatment options. At Summit Chiropractic, we understand the questions that may arise and offer solutions to help with your recovery goals.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

The underlying causes of back pain in Orlando depend on a variety of factors, including your current health and any physical ailments you may develop over time. While the specific situation may vary, certain factors contribute to your pain.

The common causes of low back pain include:

  • Inappropriate lifting
  • Injuries from an accident
  • Arthritis
  • Poor posture
  • Sciatica, or a pinched nerve in the lower back
  • A herniated disc in the lower back
  • A curvature to your spine
  • Certain medical conditions

The reasons you experience back pain depend on a variety of situations and factors. By identifying the causes of your pain, a professional helps you identify an appropriate treatment solution.

Who Gets Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain impacts most individuals at some point in their lives. Since it stems from injuries, personal habits and natural aging, most individuals will have some pain in their lower back as they get older. 

How Does a Chiropractor Help with Low Back Pain?

A chiropractor in our clinic offers solutions to help with lower back pain based on your situation. We use chiropractic techniques like spinal adjustments and decompression therapy to help improve the function of your back and spine. We also offer treatments like massage therapy to assist with tension in your muscles that may contribute to your pain and complicate the recovery process. 

Chiropractors also recognize the importance of proper habits and lifestyle factors. We may recommend changes to your diet, corrective exercises, stretches and adjustments to your posture as part of the healing process. By engaging in an active lifestyle and improving the flexibility of your muscles, you reduce the risk of pain in the future.

When Should You Seek Treatment?

While many individuals develop back pain in their life, it is important to recognize when to seek treatment from a professional. As a general rule, you want to seek professional treatment when the pain persists or worsens over time. You also want to seek treatment if the pain causes numbness, weakness or a tingling sensation in your legs and lower back. Since the additional symptoms may relate to a pinched nerve or sciatica, it requires proper treatment for long-term recovery goals. In most cases, low back pain does not require invasive procedures or treatments, so you have options to address the underlying causes without taking unnecessary risks with your health.

Pain in your lower back stems from a variety of situations and complications. By treating the pain with natural and holistic solutions, you reduce the risk of complications. To learn more about treating back pain or for an appointment, call (407) 203-6745 today.

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