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Phase 3: What to Expect at Our Orlando Chiropractor

Congratulations on reducing pain and restoring your health. Summit Chiropractic in East Orlando continues to be a partner in your wellness journey. Once you have recovered from an injury or reduced pain, we continue to provide chiropractic care during Phase 3 to maintain your wellness. Health does not just happen. You are responsible for achieving it, recovering it when necessary, improving it and maintaining it.

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Our Orlando chiropractors help with all your wellness needs and are very beneficial during your maintenance phase. We want you to continue to live the life you enjoy. A life full of activity, mental clarity and productivity. Chiropractic care helps you achieve this life by positioning your body at its best. When your spine is aligned, your body feels strong. Your nerves are firing appropriately and without pain. Your mind functions quickly and your body is active with a full range of motion. Continuous chiropractic care sustains these feelings and helps prevent future injuries.

Continuous Chiropractic Care with Summit Chiropractic in Orlando

Our staff at Summit Chiropractic in Orlando know the benefits of a consistent chiropractic care program. You are part of our family now and our goal is to see you frequently. At this stage in your care, our adjustments support a healthy spine and joint alignment. We make gentle manipulations to your back, neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists and ankles to alleviate small discomforts and keep your body in line. We continue to focus on lifestyle adjustments and remind you the benefits of proper posture and using a work station that is set up to reduce your discomfort. We also check in with you regarding your dietary habits to ensure that you are eating healthy foods in moderation to support your goals and fuel your body. 

During phase 3 of wellness care, our Orlando chiropractors evaluate your progress and adjust your care as needed. We look for changes in your posture or pain and quickly eliminate concerns before they advance to larger issues. Since we are monitoring your progress, we are able to help you avoid future injuries. Your body is now positioned for strength, health and movement and you return to work, sports and household chores without the pain and pressure you felt before. We are able to address injuries immediately to prevent lasting damage and eliminate weeks of discomfort.

Phase 3 is an important part of your wellness journey. Much like you would not return to unhealthy eating after weight loss, your chiropractic care routine should not be discarded once you feel better. Chiropractic care is an on-going process and our chiropractors want to show you the daily, weekly and monthly benefits with continued service. 

We look forward to establishing a long-lasting relationship with you. We welcome patients who are new to chiropractic care or those new to the area who are seeking support through phase 3 of recovery. Call us today at (407) 203-6745 to learn about out new patient special.

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