Ezequiel is a massage therapist at Summit Chiropractic, located in the Waterford Lakes community of East Orlando. He is passionate about the human body and enjoys educating patients on how they can be their best through regular massage and stretching.

Originating from New York, Ezequiel has spent half of his life in Orlando, Florida and has been passionate about health and exercise since high school! He graduated from the University of Central Florida at the age 22, completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Ezequiel sought to take his knowledge and apply it to the personal trainer field, where he helped educate clients one-on-one to evaluate customer’s physical needs and develop activities that aligned with their goals in both group and individual settings. From there, Ezequiel spent years training in Mixed Martial Arts, but eventually felt that something was missing from his exercise science careers.

After learning more about massage therapy and chiropractic care as a patient of Dr. Warner’s, Ezequiel found something new in the massage therapy field – a chance to help others while still pursuing his love of exercise science. Massage therapy has been extremely rewarding for him and he loves seeing regular clients progress towards their goals after multiple sessions. Ezequiel is looking forward to continuing to treat his clients with massage therapy and is excited to be introducing Cupping Therapy, and Graston Soft Tissue Manipulation Techniques to the offerings at Summit Chiropractic! He believes that massage therapy is an important part of healthcare and loves that there is always something new to learn in the field of exercise science.

Summit Chiropractic offers a variety of therapy sessions that are specifically targeted to the patient’s needs and goals. Ezequiel offers the following styles of massage: sports massage, deep tissue, Swedish massage, trigger point massage, medical message, Graston technique, cupping therapy, relaxation massage and targeted stretching.

Schedule a 30- or 60-minute session with Ezequiel Moreno, LMT, or any other experienced massage therapists by calling Summit Chiropractic at 407-203-6745!