Back Pain While Traveling

Whether you’re heading out of town for business or pleasure, your spine may be the last thing on your mind. In reality, back pain, muscle aches, and joint stiffness are common during travel. Our team of chiropractors in Orlando have worked with hundreds of adventurous Floridians who are looking to stay healthy while on vacation or business trips. 

Why Does My Back Hurt While I’m Traveling?

Excessive sitting is perhaps the number one culprit of travel-related back pain, especially if you’re jam-packed in an uncomfortable airplane seat or bus seat. Biomechanical models actually suggest that sitting imposes more strain on your back than standing or walking does!

Traveling via the air poses the additional challenge of altered air pressure, which can impair your circulation and may affect the amount of fluid in your spinal discs, which can lead to joint stiffness. Lastly, the common mental stress associated with travel–not to mention the increased temptation of making poor nutritional choices–can further increase your risk of a back ache, or an exacerbation of a pre-existing spinal condition, such as sciatica or degenerative joint disease.

5 Tips to Prevent Travel-Related Back Pain

  1. Take frequent standing and walking breaks. Walk up and down the aisle of your train, plane, or bus, or schedule a roadside stop at least every 2-3 hours.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Not only will this prevent hydration and improve your overall health, but it will also serve as a great “reminder” to follow the first tip, since you’ll be getting up to take frequent restroom breaks!
  3. Travel as light as possible, pack your heaviest items at the bottom of your bags, and invest in some quality luggage (look for thick sturdy straps and wheels).
  4. Be sure to get some exercise wherever you’re going. Staying active while you’re out of town helps prevent muscle spasms and poor circulation. From swimming in the hotel pool to exploring a new city on foot, there are plenty of fun and simple ways to stay on the move while you’re on the move.
  5. Before your trip, consider consulting with a chiropractor in Orlando (especially if you already have a back-related problem). He or she can provide preventive care–including a spinal adjustment and/or corrective exercises–to promote some pre-travel relaxation and to ensure that you have no underlying issue that could become exacerbated by the stress of traveling.

When you get back, be sure to check in with your chiropractor again for natural, drug-free, and non-invasive services that can relieve your pain, promote tissue healing, and restore optimal joint mobility and alignment. At Summit Chiropractic, our team also includes a licensed massage therapist and acupuncturist who can provide complementary massages and acupuncture services before or after your trip.

Looking for Natural Back Pain Treatment After Your Recent Travel? Consult with a Chiropractor in Orlando Today

Are you traveling soon, or just returning from a trip? Keep your back healthy and happy with help from our team of chiropractors. We’ll help you get back on the road as soon as possible! If you’re new to Summit, we’d like to extend and exclusive offer to you–just $87 for an initial consultation, examination, and X-ray imaging. Click hereto learn about our many other exclusive offers.

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