Catch Minor Lower Back Pain Before it Flares

Slight pain in the lower back is annoyingly common, but even worse is the fact that it can flare into a major problem at any time. This can cause excruciating, crippling pain that stops all productivity and robs you of your quality of life. This is why it’s important to see a chiropractor even if your lower back pain doesn’t yet seem all that bad.

There are many things that can result in pain in this area, so the first thing a chiropractor in Orlando will do is set up a consultation. During this appointment, you will be interviewed to find out the exact location, nature, and duration of your pain. Our doctor will also want to know about your activities. Then, there will be a physical exam to spot any clear problems.

If you’re not sure what might have set off the pain, don’t worry. We can get your back into a healthy state regardless. That said, here are some surprising causes of lower back pain:

Poor Sleeping Situations

A bad mattress isn’t just uncomfortable. Since you spend several hours on it every night, it has the chance to force your back to conform to it. Over time, this can put your vertebrae and discs into bad, painful positions. Pain from this situation often starts out as an annoying ache that goes away in a few hours, but one day reaches the tipping point with sudden ferocity.

One of the worst things about this source is how sneaky it is. Mattresses slowly lose their integrity as time goes on rather than failing suddenly. Therefore, you should inspect your bed for problems regularly.

Repetitive Lifting of Lightweight Objects

This is a common workplace scenario, but it can be just as sneaky as the bad bed in the prior example. That’s because not all workplace lifting seems hard. In fact, in an office, it is often so light that you don’t pay attention to how often you do it – or how you’re doing it. However, if you do something like pick up a case of snack-sized chips every day, that’s about 250 bends per year that is adding up to you! If you don’t approach from a straight angle or you have to put the box into an awkward place, it’s back pain that’s waiting to happen.

As this shows, lower back pain often isn’t the result of sudden injury, but instead, seemingly-small things that add up over time. Of course, it’s also possible to experience an accident, fall, or other cause of instantaneous damage, so it’s important to always be careful!

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