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Low Back Pain Causes & Symptoms

The major symptom of lower back pain is pain and soreness in the low back region. This pain may worsen at certain times of the day or when you perform certain activities. Many patients complain of a reduced range of motion and stiff back muscles.

Sciatica, a condition which causes low back pain, also causes pain radiating down the back of the legs.

Muscle strain is a common cause of low back pain in adults. Poor lifting technique, poor sporting form, or athletic injuries can play a role here.

A slipped or herniated disc can cause low back pain and sciatica pain. This can be treated using chiropractic rather than surgically.

Degenerative disc disease usually causes low-grade back pain; however, some patients experience sharp pain. Unlike other causes of low back pain, this creates chronic pain rather than pain that comes and goes.

How Our Orlando Chiropractor Relieves Lower Back Pain

The core of our low back pain management program is chiropractic adjustments followed by corrective exercises.

We perform a thorough evaluation during your first visit to our Orlando chiropractic clinic. In addition to performing tests, we ask questions about your symptoms, lifestyle, and health history. This information gives our chiropractor a fuller picture of your health needs.

Chiropractic adjustments use our hands or special tools to provide precise adjustments to the spinal column. These adjustments remove blockages known as subluxations that block nerve messages from traveling through the spine. As we take away these blockages, your nervous system flourishes. With the capacity to self-heal, the nervous system can correct imbalances and restore wellness naturally.

Adjustments also decrease pain and inflammation through pressure. As we release inflammation and flood the body with endorphins, pain levels fall naturally.

Complete lower back pain relief takes several sessions with our Orlando chiropractor. However, many patients begin feeling better after their first adjustment.

Once your stiffness is gone, we demonstrate corrective exercises you can perform at home. By doing these exercises and following our chiropractor’s advice, you can speed up the pace of your healing.

In addition to specific exercises for your wellness needs, we will demonstrate exercises that strengthen the core. A healthy core is the key to a strong back. By showing you how to strengthen your core and support your back, we will help you accomplish wellness goals and prevent you from a relapse.

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