Corporate Wellness: How to Reduce Stress in the Workforce

Corporate wellness programs typically focus on obvious threats to health such as smoking, being overweight, drinking too much, and similar lifestyle choices. These, however, are often symptoms of something more basic: stress. When stress is reduced, employees will have more mental and physical energy to combat the more obvious threats to their health. Some of these threats, such as the desire to drink, may even diminish or go away on their own once there isn’t such a great need to find an artificial way to relax. Here are some good ways to incorporate stress reduction into a corporate wellness strategy:

Promote Stress-Reducing Eating Habits

Telling stressed-out people to eat less fatty foods and avoid sugar not only won’t work but will add another layer of stress to their life. Instead, use positive methods: Promote eating foods that are good for reducing cortisol and increasing the levels of calming biochemical in the brain.

Complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and nuts are all said to work well. Carbs provide energy without the unnerving lethargy that accompanies eating fatty foods, fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that help to protect the body from some of stress’ negative physical effects, and nuts typically have plenty of B vitamins – known stress reducers. Nuts also contain many minerals that help with physical and mental coping.

Motivate Workers to Sign Up for Massage and Other Relaxing Services

Our therapeutic massage doesn’t just help sore muscles heal. It’s also relaxing. This is good for stress reduction in itself, and the physical healing effects help to eliminate the stress that is caused by stiffness and pain.

Expand Health Treatment Options

Even when people don’t smoke, maintain the proper weight, and indulge in other activities in moderation, they can face stress due to physical issues. Many people come to work with unrelenting back pain – which causes extreme stress – and when the pain is too much to bear and they have to call in, they’re faced with the mental stress of a possible loss of earnings.

Setting up a contract with a chiropractor in Orlando lets you reduce pain-related stress in employees, improve productivity, and lower the amount of missed workdays in your company. It can also reduce the number and severity of worker’s compensation claims by addressing physical problems before they get out of control. Job satisfaction should go up since people won’t be “toughing it out” over painful issues thanks to the company’s wellness program.

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