Migraine Treatment and Prevention at Summit Chiropractic in Orlando

In the world of headache pain, migraines hold a special dread for those who suffer from them. This debilitating form of headache doesn’t stop with pain, producing a wide array of symptoms that can make work or daily life impossible. To make matters worse, migraines seem to be triggered by a variety of internal and external causes. That’s why you need professional expertise to help you combat the problem — and we’re happy to provide that expertise here at Summit Chiropractic in Orlando.

Migraines are much more complex, and thus less thoroughly understood, than tension headaches. They seem to be related to abnormal neurotransmitter levels, notably low serotonin levels. This may signal the trigeminal nerve to send pain-causing substances to the tissues surrounding the brain. In addition to a horrific headache, sufferers may also experience nausea, light and sound hypersensitivity and visual “auras” that precede other symptoms.

Migraine Treatment Methods Offered by Our Orlando Chiropractors

Migraines may be set off by everything from certain types of foods to weather changes, flashing lights or glare, sleep changes, fatigue, stress, eye strain, hormonal changes and drugs (including, ironically enough, headache medications). Fortunately, our Orlando chiropractor at Summit Chiropractic (Dr. Fike or Dr. Warner) can help. Our migraine treatment methods include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment – Chiropractic adjustment has been shown to reduce migraine symptoms in many sufferers. This may be due to the fact that correcting a spinal misalignment often has the effect of improving nerve function — which in turn helps to normalize any number of physical systems, including blood flow and the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin.
  • Massage therapy – Since emotional stress is a known trigger for migraine attacks (as well as tension headache pain), your Orlando chiropractor may recommend a course of massage therapy alongside other forms of conservative care. Massage can loosen muscles, allowing tension and stress to be released and reducing your susceptibility to migraines.
  • Nutrition – Nutrition can play a key role in preventing migraines. We can create a personalized nutrition plan for you to help you avoid specific migraine triggers such as aged cheeses, red wine, chocolate, pickled meats and so on. If your nutritional balance needs adjusting after we implement this plan, we can recommend supplements to keep your body optimally well.
  • Lifestyle counseling – There are so many things in our world that can potentially set off a migraine that it can be very hard to know what to avoid or how to avoid it. Your Orlando chiropractor can discuss your current lifestyle, environment and work habits with you to pinpoint issues such as exposure to glare, eye strain, allergens, medications and other migraine triggers. We can then recommend strategies to help you build a migraine-free life for yourself.

Ask Our Orlando Chiropractor About Natural Migraine Relief

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