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Following a traumatic injury to the spinal column, such as a car accident, simple things such as walking or running can become extremely difficult. The doctors at Summit Chiropractic in Orlando, FL have the expertise and the resources to help you resolve your injury in a satisfying manner, and return to living an active life.

Why Would Someone Need Running and Walking Rehabilitation?

In many cases, the victim of such an incident will require retraining and rehabilitation to re-learn how to walk. In the case of a traumatic injury, the tissues around the spinal column and the nerves associated with it can become swollen.This swelling results in a delayed signal being sent to the limbs from the brain. When the signals are no longer functioning properly, running and walking become extremely difficult to do effectively. The experts at Summit Chiropractor have the specific knowledge required to help retrain your brain to effectively begin running and walking again.

Traumatic spinal column injury is not the only scenario where rehabilitation may be required. In the case of some brain injuries, prolonged swelling, or other physical trauma can damage the regions of the brain responsible for motor function. In these instances, rehabilitation will involve not only a mechanical refinement but also reteaching how the patient how to walk. Our Orlando FL experts at Summit Chiropractic are capable of helping patients regain these critical skills.

What is the Most Common cause of Running and Walking Rehabilitation?

Perhaps the most common cause of running and walking rehabilitation is not due to a traumatic rehabilitation, but the result of a lifestyle. In our modern day world, many of us work sedentary jobs which require very little movement. Our bodies mold themselves to their environments and will change over time. After years of sitting, the human body atrophies and begins to have difficulty moving in a quick or an abrupt fashion. This means that when, after years of low activity, an individual once again tries to engage in running and walking, they experience pain and swelling in their joints. This is a cyclical problem. As the exercise results in swelling and injury, the patient will refrain from exercising. This is a vicious cycle which will eventually trap the patient in a lifestyle of low mobility and pain.

How do You Begin Running and Walking Rehabilitation?

Our specialists in Orlando FL are just a phone call away. Call (407) 203-6745, outline your particular problem, and you will soon be seen by our experts. They will work with you to develop a holistic treatment approach which will address your specific needs and maximizing your convalescence.  If you have trouble walking and running, don’t hesitate. Contact us today and get your life back on track!