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Many individuals know they need to lose weight, but they simply haven’t found a means of doing so that’s both healthy and effective. Here at Summit Chiropractor, our team of Dr. Fike and Dr. Warner can provide safe, life-changing weight loss counseling you on the track to wellness.

How Excess Weight Harms Your Health

It’s no secret that obesity is becoming an epidemic in the U.S. and around the world. Reliance on fast foods, junk food, and other high-processed “convenience foods” make it all too easy to consume excess calories, fats and carbohydrates without even realizing exactly what we’re consuming. Too much of the wrong kinds of food can cause obesity, especially when paired with a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is a serious medical concern because it often serves as a gateway to numerous health problems, from type 2 diabetes and heart disease to joint degeneration and cancer.

Unfortunately, some weight loss “cures” are worse than the disease. Fad diets often involve dangerous practices that can cause malnutrition or even outright starvation. Since these diets are only quick fixes instead of permanent lifestyle adjustments, any weight you lose will come right back once you resume your previous habits. This is why losing weight can seem all but impossible — unless you have expert clinical guidance such as the weight loss counseling we provide here at Summit Chiropractic.

We Can Help You Lose Weight

Summit Chiropractic can help you lose weight in a number of ways, starting with a thorough evaluation of your current eating habits and activity level. If you’re taking in more calories than you’re able to burn as fuel, you will gain weight, to the tune of approximately one pound for every 3,500 unused calories. We can provide a combination of exercise recommendations and dietary guidance to help you rebalance this equation.

Our 6-Week Fitness Challenge is a great way to become acquainted with these new habits. Your chiropractor in Orlando can show you:

  • How to replace “bad” carbs with “good” carbs
  • How to keep your tissues hydrated
  • How to integrate short bursts of exercise into your daily routine
  • How to consume the healthiest proteins on the right quantities so you’ll have more fat-burning muscle
  • Simple resistance exercises to help you build a new, more fuel-efficient body

These and other steps can reset your entire attitude toward food, activity, and wellness.

Our nutritional supplements can support your weight loss efforts further. For example, we offer eXfuze Shapeway nutritional shakes to help curb hunger pangs and Shapeway Metabolic Energizer Capsules to help your body metabolize excess fats in the bloodstream. Once you’ve reached your target weight, your newly-healthy lifestyle will do the rest.

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If you’re ready to get started on this exciting next chapter in your life, call (407) 203-6745 to learn more about our weight loss counseling services. Your chiropractor in Orlando looks forward to helping you!