Week 3: Know what you eating & Use your Muscles Daily

  1. One of the most valuable pieces of nutritional information that is often times over looked is the nutritional label. At first it can be intimidating but once you are able to understand it then you can’t take your eyes off it. It’s a pretty simple concept that eating less should cause weight loss. The question then may be how much less.

3500 calories is the equivalent to one pound so if you were able to cut 500 calories each day for seven days you would lose a pound a week in theory.Along with exercise and the increased metabolism it’s a win-win. The key to success in this department is portion sizes. A box of Oreos may only contain 140 calories per serving but a serving size is two cookies. Choosing smaller healthier meals packed with proteins and greens won’t just be delicious; it will also be satisfying and fulfilling compared to the three cheeseburgers it takes to get full.

*Don’t just be mindful of what you eat but how much you eat to.

To learn more about how to read nutritional labels you can click the link to go to FDA.gov

  1. Resistance training or anything that requires some muscle to complete an activity comes with a paramount of gains. In a small scale muscle is important for sitting up straight, chewing, or even breathing. In a medium sense they are used to play catch, walk the dog, and clean the house. On a high scale muscles are necessary to climb mountains, go hiking/white-water rafting, or dancing on night out. You need muscles for all these activities and that doesn’t mean you must look like a body builder.

It is actually very difficult and requires a lot of intense training and proper diet to become large and bulky from resistance training. Toned is typically a more realistic goal when it comes to simple resistance training and the strength gains that follow are phenomenal. There are many resistance training exercises that are fun, safe, and efficient. Some activities need to be incorporated into your everyday life so that you can create a little stress on your muscles. Some things that you can incorporate that you can incorporate into your daily routine are:

  • Push-ups
  • Hand-stands
  • Squats
  • Tricep Dips
  • Pull-ups

These are great exercises that are easy to do on a daily basis and all can be done with just your body weight. It is very important to use your muscles daily. When muscles aren’t used they become weaker faster. The best way to prevent your muscles from deteriorating is to use them daily. Use them or lose them!

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