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If you are like thousands of others who have suffered an injury after an auto accident, you may wonder what you should do. Even if you do not have to stay in a hospital, pain, stiffness, and impaired motion associated with car accident injuries can prevent you from working, going to school, or engaging in your favorite hobbies. The symptoms of auto injury, including whiplash, may not appear until after damage to tissue has already occurred. Fortunately, rehabilitation and chiropractic care as provided by your chiropractor in East Orlando can ease these symptoms and help you recover from your auto injury.

Seek medical care immediately after your auto accident. Go to the emergency department if your injuries are serious or life threatening. If your injuries are not serious, make an appointment with your chiropractor as soon as possible after your crash, even if you are not experiencing symptoms. For best results, receive chiropractic rehabilitation within 14 days of your accident.

How Summit Chiropractic Can Help With Auto Injuries

Chiropractic rehabilitation offered at Summit Chiropractic strengthens your muscles. Immediately after a significant injury, it is important to rest the affected area to give tissue a chance to heal. While it is therapeutic, this inactivity weakens the muscles in the injured areas, leaving you weak and at special risk for further injuries.

Professional rehabilitation strengthens muscles groups equally to provide well-balanced healing. Progressive rehabilitative exercises increase muscle strength and flexibility at a safe, effective, and comfortable pace.

Chiropractic care corrects misalignments in the spine resulting from the tremendous forces of the car crash. A properly aligned spine helps your musculoskeletal and nervous systems function well. Proper spinal alignment also helps reduce pain and improve the range of motion in your back, neck, shoulders, and hips.

Chiropractic treatments are especially helpful in cases of whiplash, a type of neck injury that often occurs as the result of a rear-end collision that whips the head back and forth. Whiplash damages the soft tissue in your neck and shoulders that provides support for your head. Chiropractic care eases the symptoms of whiplash, including neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. It is important to seek chiropractic care soon after your car accident, as the symptoms of whiplash may not appear for up to 48 hours or more after the crash.

Massage therapy is also beneficial after an auto accident. Therapeutic massage releases painful muscle knots, soothes spasms, and stimulates circulation in a way that promotes healing.

Your chiropractor in East Orlando offers chiropractic care that is gentle, non-invasive, and drug-free care. Chiropractic care eases pain, reduces swelling, and improves mobility, especially after an auto injury resulting in whiplash. If you have been in an auto accident, make an appointment for chiropractic care from Summit Chiropractic right away.