When you think of getting a massage or have ever had a massage more than likely you had a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage is the most traditional of the different types of massages and is focused on relaxing the entire body.

What are the benefits of getting a Swedish massage?

The benefits of getting a Swedish massage are immense for you physical and mental health, these are just some of the benefits you will see after you get a Swedish massage:

  • Relaxed muscles- Your whole body will be less tense after getting a Swedish massage.
  • Relaxed mind- Getting a Swedish massage at Summit Chiropractic is extremely relaxing for the mind and will let you get away from the stress and pressures of life while you are getting the massage.
  • Greater mobility- You will notice immediately that your body will be able to get into positions they haven’ been into in years once our massage therapist is able to break up the muscles adhesions in your body.
  • Decreased stress- Studies have shown that people that receive a 45 minute massage have less stress hormones after the massage than before.
  • Improved lymphatic system- A Swedish massage will help your lymphatic system carry away the body’s waster more efficiently.

These are just a few of the benefits you will see after you receive a Swedish massage.

How a Swedish massage benefits the body?

When getting a Swedish massage the massage therapist will rub your muscles with long gliding stokes in the direction that the blood is flowing towards the heart. Doing this will allow more blood get to all of the muscles in the body and will help release any toxins in your muscles and allow the muscles to receive more oxygen.

The massage therapist will also break up the muscle adhesions (knots) in your muscles which will allow for greater blood flow and range of motion.