Back Pain Treatment With Our Orlando Chiropractic Team

If you’re suffering from the miseries of acute or chronic back pain, you’re certainly not alone. Half of all working people in this country complain of this problem, and four-fifths of us experience back pain sooner or later. But as common as back pain may be, it’s also a serious concern that can deprive you of your quality of life and your ability to participate in that life. The good news is that you can get that pain under control without risking major back surgery — thanks to the natural treatment methods offered here at Summit Chiropractic.

What’s Causing Back Pain?

That nagging Orlando back pain may stem from any number of causes, some of which are simply by-products of the aging process. For example, the discs that cushion your vertebrae may lose water over time, becoming flatter and flatter until the joints that connect the vertebrae become strained (or even arthritic). A narrowing and thickening of the spinal canal called spinal stenosis can make it easier for spinal nerve tissue to become pinched. Incorrect spinal alignment, posture or workplace ergonomics can place the muscles that support the back under constant, abnormal stress, leading to inflammation and spasms.

Back pain can also occur quite suddenly and dramatically. Workplace injuries, sports injuries and auto accident injuries can also subject the spinal column to impacts that knock it out of its normal alignment. This not only causes subluxation of the spinal joints, but it can also force discs out of position and cause them to herniate. Herniated discs can cause a lot of pain, especially if their inflammatory inner material presses against major nerve roots. Sciatica is a prime example, producing low back pain as well as referred pain to the legs. Acute injuries may also include sprained ligaments and strained muscles/tendons in the back.

Non-Surgical Treatments From Your Trusted Orlando Chiropractor

Major back pain doesn’t necessarily mean major back surgery. Many cases of even severe back pain can be relieved or managed through conservative techniques — and either Orlando chiropractor at our clinic, Dr. Daniel Warner or Dr. Jamee Fike, can provide safe, drug-free alternatives to surgery. Chiropractic adjustments can restore normal function to subluxated spinal joints, relieving pain and increasing flexibility. Correcting your alignment can also take the pinch off of neighboring nerve tissue. Intersegmental traction is extremely useful for improving the flow of blood and nutrients to specific parts of the spine.

In addition to chiropractic measures, we may also recommend other non-invasive therapeutic techniques for your aching back. For instance, massage therapy can relax muscles, stop spasms and speed healing. Corrective exercises can help you rehabilitate a back injury, while lifestyle and ergonomic recommendations can keep your back healthy going forward.

Strike Back at Back Pain — Call Summit Chiropractic

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