Plantar Fasciitis Treatment from our Orlando, FL Chiropractor

To a patient with plantar fasciitis, taking that first step after awakening in the morning can be excruciating.  Every year, around 2 million sufferers seek treatment for this painful disorder.  At Summit Chiropractic in Orlando, your chiropractor will provide individualized care using natural, non-surgical therapies to relieve your pain.

Overview of Plantar Fasciitis

This condition is the most common reason for pain in the bottom of a heel.  It can also cause pain in the arch and in the ball of a foot.

The plantar fascia lies underneath the skin on the bottom of the foot.  The job of this ligament is connecting the heel to the front of the foot and providing support for the arch.  Plantar fasciitis occurs when the ligament becomes irritated, then inflamed.

Some patients describe their pain as an ache or a bruise.  It tends to lessen gradually after walking around a bit.  As time passes, it takes longer and longer for pain to disappear after rest.  If left untreated, the plantar fascia will partially tear from the heel.  When the torn area fills with calcium, the eventual result is a bone known as a heel spur.

Plantar fasciitis has many potential causes and risk factors.  Some of the most common include:

  • Insufficient arch support
  • Sudden injury
  • Flattening of the foot
  • Repetitive foot pounding from activities such as tennis, soccer, or running
  • Walking barefooted
  • Inflexibility of a calf muscle
  • Excess weight
  • Wearing inflexible footwear or shoes that lack sufficient cushioning

How Chiropractic Helps Plantar Fasciitis

Our doctors at Summit Chiropractic diagnose plantar fasciitis after a physical exam and a medical history.  Digital foot scanners are helpful in distinguishing this condition from others that cause similar pain.  They determine how a foot distributes pressure and weight and whether a patient has flat feet or high arches.

Treatment to reduce inflammation in the plantar fascia uses a multi-disciplinary approach.  It includes therapy in our office, as well as home care.  Adjustments move foot bones to achieve improved motion between layers of skin, fascia, muscle, and fat.  Combining active release procedures and other techniques help to loosen tight muscles and break up any scar tissue.

Custom orthotics and Kinesio taping give the plantar fascia the support it needs to heal.  Some patients profit from Gua sha therapy, an Asian technique that breaks up scar tissue and allows the body to resorb it and to heal naturally. Our doctors also provide patients with customized home stretches and other exercises designed to protect against any additional injury to the plantar fascia.

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Plantar fasciitis can derail your normal daily activities and prevent you from experiencing new adventures.   Our chiropractors, Dr. Daniel Warner and Dr. Jamee Fike, provide a complete range of services using natural therapies.  Call us at Summit Chiropractic in Orlando at (407) 203-6745 to schedule an assessment and find out how a chiropractor can help relieve your discomfort.