Veterans Testimonials about Summit Chiropractic in Orlando, FL

Summit Chiropractic offers a Veterans Chiropractic Program that provides chiropractic care to all eligible veterans. Find out why Orlando veterans choose Summit Chiropractic:

“After my very first adjustment, I felt like a completely different person. Although I am still not at 100% in my treatment, I can attest to the fact that I have never felt better and I would absolutely recommend chiropractic treatment to literally everyone”

– Specialist Millie Rivera, US Army, Motor Transport Operator, Veteran

“I envision a much better life (with chiropractic care). I’ve progressed 100% with Dr. Warner.”

– Ramon Almeyda, US Air Force, Veteran

“Other things that I’d dismissed as normal, like low back pain and frequent headaches, cleared up too. I wish I had tried chiropractic care sooner, and I doubt I’ll ever go with it again.”

– Daniela Aguirre, US Army Veteran