5 Tips for Properly Lifting Those Heavy Holiday Boxes

Dangers to the back can come from unexpected sources, especially around holiday times. At this time of year, people are retrieving a variety of heavy items that have been kept in storage: Artificial Christmas trees, decorations, and even full sets of dishes all need to be brought out and put on display. This is all bright and cheery – if there are no injuries. Unfortunately, many holidays end up marred by someone “throwing out his back” during the attempt to move these heavy items.

To help ensure that your holidays are all that they should be, at Summit Chiropractic, our trusted chiropractors in Orlando, are offering these lifting tips:

  1. Always bend at the knees instead of from the back or hips. Squat down to pick up each box, and when you have a good grip on it, stand up straight. Then move the box to its desired destination.
  2. Don’t move awkward loads. Instead, unpack the box right where it is and divide its contents up into more manageable packages. If the box contains an artificial tree, it can be worth it to just take out handfuls of branches and move those – and skip the packaging altogether.
  3. Avoid hurrying. Leave plenty of time to get everything into position. This will greatly reduce the urge to lift improperly or move things before you have a proper hold on them.
  4. Use a back brace meant for lifting. These are usually used in work situations, but they work just as well at home. If you’ll be moving a large number of heavy items, or you already have a weak back, put one of these on to add more stability to your body.
  5. Don’t overdo it. Once you get into a project, it can be tempting to keep plowing along even if you’re feeling a “warning twinge” in your back or joints. Pay attention to your body’s warnings! If you’re getting a strange sensation, stop working. It’s better to take an extra day now than spend six months in pain starting tomorrow.

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