East Orlando Chiropractor Discusses Travel Injuries

Traveling is exciting, as you explore new sites and participate in local activities, but it can also be dangerous and lead to personal injury. Backaches, sprains and strains, whiplash and other injuries can ruin your travel plans. Fortunately, our East Orlando chiropractor treats holiday travel injuries.

Holiday travel can be particularly hazardous, as rates of traffic accidents tend to rise over the holidays. Traveling abroad can also be perilous: 20 to 50 million people are injured on roads worldwide each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Holiday travel often gives people a license to do things they would never do at home, such as hanging onto the side of a bus or riding in the back of a truck. Alcohol sometimes plays a role.

These accidents, mishaps or over-zealous approaches to fun can lead to injuries. Car crashes can cause whiplash and other injuries, for example. Walking over unfamiliar terrain can lead to strains, sprains, and backaches. Even navigating a hotel room at night is fraught with danger – a simple stubbed toe can send you for a tumble and cause back pain later.

Simply sitting in a car, plane, bus or train can cause stiffness and pain. The seats in many vehicles, particularly the seats provided in public transportation, are often uncomfortable. They also provide little support, which can cause or aggravate pain in your back or neck.

Chiropractor in East Orlando Provides Care for Travel Injuries

Because Florida is a popular travel destination, our chiropractor in East Orlando frequently provides care for travel injuries. Care for travel injuries includes chiropractic care for musculoskeletal problems, massage therapy to melt muscle spasms, and back pain treatment. Our East Orlando chiropractor also provides treatment for whiplash to alleviate neck pain, limited mobility, inflammation, and headaches associated with whiplash.

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