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It is sometimes a little scary to think of the first appointment with a new doctor, but your first chiropractic appointment is as easy as appointments get. At your first appointment, you’ll have a consultation exam. This is when your chiropractor talks to you about what you feel is a problem, what kind of pain you struggle with and your goals for your health. Our chiropractor will complete a thorough exam including X-rays and other diagnostic tests so that the doctor knows what to do to help you feel your best through a series of future treatments.

Consultation Exam

Some portions of the exam to expect include:

  • Taking the patient history and symptoms. During this stage, the doctor listens to your concerns and lists down your history of injuries, illnesses, and concerns. The chiropractor also takes a family history.
  • Performing the chiropractic exam. During the exam, expect tests to examine the muscle tone, muscle strength, neurological integrity and range of motion.
  • Performing diagnostic studies. X-rays are common, as are MRIs and other laboratory tests to identify and prepare for the treatment of various injuries and diseases. Most offices perform X-rays, but patients may need to go to an outpatient facility for additional tests.

How Long Does an Initial Chiropractic Appointment Last?

Most of the time, your first appointment will last approximately 45 minutes. This gives the chiropractor time to talk to you about your health and to perform diagnostic tests and exams. Following the appointment, the chiropractor completes a treatment plan, giving you information on his or her plan for helping you improve your health.

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