Keep Strong with Your Weight Loss Goals in Orlando

Our chiropractor in Orlando is always happy to help our patients achieve their health and wellness goals, and weight loss is no exception to this rule. To help our patients drop the extra weight while regaining better health again, we offer a special weight loss plan called the 6-week fitness challenge. Here’s what you need to know about this unique weight loss plan.

What Programs Do We Offer?

Many patients who are trying to achieve weight loss in Orlando FL find that the 6-week fitness challenge is the perfect fit. This program has a simple truth behind it: if you eat more calories than you are able to lose, weight gain will be the result. For every 3,500 calories extra, you’ll gain one additional pound. If you have gained weight, the balance is off. Our goal is to help you rebalance¬†through a personalized exercise and eating plan.

During the 6-week fitness challenge, our chiropractor will help you learn about replacing bad carbs with good ones, staying properly hydrated, implementing small activity bursts into your life each day, eating the right proteins in the right amounts, and building lean muscles to ensure that your body is more fuel efficient in your weight loss journey.

The program also includes nutritional supplements that can help cut down on the hunger pangs. There are also supplements available to help you better metabolize extra fat in your body. After you have achieved your goal weight, the new healthy lifestyle that you have learned will take care of helping you maintain it for the long term.

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