Stretching Can Help Your Back Stay Strong and Healthy for the Holiday

With the holiday coming up fast, you’re likely to spend some extra hours on fun activities like enjoying time with family, shopping, decorating, and special events. All the activity can put extra strain on your back, but fortunately, there’s help for that. Your Orlando, FL chiropractors, Dr. Webster and Dr. Fike, can provide customized care — and you can help at home. Here are some special stretching exercises to try this holiday. 

Stretching Exercises to Try

On Your Back: Lay flat on your back, and gently pull your knees to the chest while stretching. This can help you get moving when you feel stiff. Also while on your back, move your knees to the right and hold for a few beats. Repeat by pulling knees to the left. This is also very good at working out those kinks in the spine.

Play Cat: The “cat” stretch involves getting on your hands and knees. Keep arms completely straight and position your hands in a straight line that follows the shoulders. Knees should have even weight distribution — this is easiest when you position the knees to match the width of the hips. Round the spine and let the head drop down. This simple exercise can help strengthen the core.

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