Tips for Being Active in the Spring in Orlando, Florida

Many people have trouble getting started with physical activity in the spring after sitting inside all winter – but here in Orlando FL, we generally don’t have that problem. While there may be some days that are cool enough to make us want to stay inside, the bigger issue is one of the temperatures. In the spring, the heat will spike from winter’s easy-to-handle 60s-80s all the way up into the baking-hot 90s. This is usually the biggest challenge when it comes to remaining active in Florida at this time of year.

Slow Down as it Heats Up
It’s important to give your body a chance to adapt to the return of normal Floridian temperatures. Don’t try to maintain your winter pacing. Instead, slow down enough to keep your core temperature within a healthy range. Increase your efforts slowly over the next month or so. This will help you avoid dehydration, falls, and other problems related to overheating.
Be Sure to Stretch
Stretching before you begin physical activity reduces the risk of strains and sprains. It also gets you more limber, so you’ll have a better range of motion and a lower chance of cramps. Remember to stretch slowly and avoid bouncing. Bouncing during stretches can cause injury.
Be Ready for the Rains
Orlando’s heavy rains don’t just soak your clothes in less than a minute. They also make pavement slippery and turn dirt roads and trails into unstable mud paths. These things make it very easy to slip and hurt yourself.
If you find yourself outside when the sky opens up, make sure to move more carefully than you normally would. A fall in the rain can cause you to need later help from a chiropractor in Orlando thanks to impact to your tailbone or other parts of your spine, so it’s worth it to slow down until the ground is dry again.
Get a Chiropractic Health Checkup
Even in Florida, spring is a time of renewal. Get a fresh checkup of your spine and joints to avoid unpleasant surprises when you perform your exercise routine. Just make an appointment here at Summit Chiropractic, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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