What Is Whiplash?

One of the common problems of the spine that a chiropractor must treat is whiplash injury. “Whiplash” is the name give to an injury caused by sudden jolting movement of the head and neck, such as when an individual experiences an impact with another person or an object. The movement is similar to that seen when a whip is cracked, that is, a fast forward motion that suddenly stops. Because the object that experienced this motion is the flexible spine, a variety of injuries can occur as a result. The neck joint may lose its ability to absorb shock or maintain flexibility. In addition, the discs of the upper spine can become herniated, leading to numbness, tingling, weakness or chronic pain.

Causes of Whiplash

Whiplash is most often caused by automobile accidents, when the vehicle is hit from the rear. The impact causes a back-and-forward motion that can lead to structural damage. However, whiplash can also occur during athletic activities when a player is struck from behind from a standing-still position. Regardless of how the impact occurs, the individual may suffer from pain, stiffness, lack of mobility in the neck and headaches.

Treating Whiplash Injuries

Chiropractic treatment of whiplash injuries may include manipulation of the vertebrae of the upper spine, as well as instrument-assisted manipulation. Electrical stimulation, trigger point therapy and instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy may also be used.

Dr. Fike and Dr. Wagner take a holistic approach to neck and spine injuries, with nutritional counseling, massage therapy and lifestyle advice to ensure that a return of whiplash pain does not return in the future.

Care of Whiplash Injuries at Summit Chiropractic in Orlando

Chiropractic treatment has a proven record in relieving whiplash pain and other types of neck problems. Call 407-203-6745 for an appointment to discuss treatments for these painful issues. Do you ever suffer from neck discomfort that could be related to what is known as “whiplash”?

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