1. Nutrition: Replace “bad” carbs with “good” carbs

In general there are two types of carbs. To keep it simple there is sugar and sugar carbs. This is what gives the difference between white foods and wheat foods like bread and pasta. Items such as cereal, cakes, and jelly are filled with sugary carbs and therefore deemed not beneficial.

Healthy Options: Fruits*, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Legumes, Yogurt

*What makes fruit’s sugar special is the fruits are filled with fibers that help in filtering out the sugar that is present.

The body is constantly working to perform a multitude of functions throughout the day from digesting food too maintaining blood flow throughout the body. All these processes require energy which in turn cause us to sweat.

Maybe not the sweat you get from a run but the body is constantly working and therefore sweating. On average a person who does no exercise in a day sweats roughly 32 fl oz. This amount is the same for one hour of exercise activity so lifestyle will play a role in how much water is necessary but the minimum standard still applies for all populations.

For example an individual who weighs 160 pounds should be consuming 80 oz. of water throughout the day. That’s 5 water bottles. If this person performed any exercise they should increase their intake with 32 oz. per hour of exercise. Hydration is very important to keep the functions of the body performing properly.

For more information on hydration, you can read “The Truth About How Much Water You Should Really Drink”

Individual Assessments:

  1. Exercise: Do something active for 15 minutes a day

At least 15 minutes a day of activity is necessary to lead a healthier lifestyle. This can range from going for a jog to spin class. Anything that gets the heart pumping. It’s always good to keep note of these activities whether it be a mental note or a journal. This way you can keep track of progress and always challenge yourself to do better.

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