Is that old shoulder injury still a problem?

By Shane Buchholz and Dr. Daniel Warner

Have you ever had shoulder pain?

Many people have had a shoulder injury at some point in life, and as a result have an improper position of the shoulder girdle that can cause loss of normal movement for the rest of their life.

According to a 2007 study by Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research, 4,500,000 people suffer from shoulder related pain each year.

Here is an example of some great stretches that can help you regain the balance in your shoulder.

  1. Wall angels – Video
  2. Theraband mobility stretches – Video
  3. Door Way Stretches – Video

Stretching to Increase Shoulder Range of Motion to Boost Shoulder Health

Ann Cools, a leading physiotherapist, found that performing scapular exercises and stretches improve muscle strength while reducing shoulder injury. Her studies demonstrated that having proper body positioning were important for scapular muscle balance rehabilitation.

What you need to know about shoulder injuries.

Most people felt the initial pain after the injury, but many don’t realize that the damage could lead to further damage.  A lesser known part of shoulder injuries is that they can result in a muscle activation imbalance called scapular dyskinesis. This imbalance can cause a greater loss of motion after the shoulder girdle has healed incorrectly because some of the muscles that hold the shoulder have become weakened, such as the trapezius. This imbalance causes the muscles to activate improperly, and cause abnormal movement patterns in the shoulder. One typical result of this abnormal positioning is rotator cuff tears.

It is recommended that before starting to work on increasing your shoulder mobility you should consult your chiropractor.  If you do not have one call Summit Chiropractic at 407-203-6745 and we’ll be happy to serve and educate you on how to make your body function the way that is was designed to.

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